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From: Steve Thomas
Subject: “Colins-Story” Ch. 23 - 26OHMYGOD!I want to thank all of you so much for all your good wishes, your
encouragement, and … your LOVE! I feel so loved and humbled by this
outpouring of your spirits. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!Colin is healing from his hurt, and I am from mine, in large measure because
of all the love coming from you. and make no mistake, I don’t take it
lightly. I love you too! Thanks! SteveChapter 23What was “the next level”? I asked myself that question long before I
verbalized it to Jake. I really did not know. What I did know was that I
felt something was missing. Both Jake and I were pretty busy with our
studies, especially for him, trying to get ready for graduation. So we were
prone to keep to ourselves most all the time except for sleeping, and even
then, we seldom came to bed at the same time. Usually it was I that hit the
sack first. When he would come, usually much later, he was so Preteen Nude exhausted
from intensive study, he was not in any condition for anything more than a
nice kiss and hug. Maybe once a week or so, we would get to fondling each
other, usually a weekend night, (like we were an old married couple?) and
would end up either one of us taking the other in the mouth, or - both. I
guess I could have said that was “the next level”, but it was not what I
longed for.One Sunday night, it was the night before Memorial Day, we were out pretty
late, and were both pretty tired. I headed for the shower first, but he
decided I needed to have my back washed, so he followed close behind. He
took a wash cloth and soaped it up. He started by washing my back, as he
had said. Then he said, “I think you have had Preteen Nude a pretty active weekend, and
you need a thorough washing. He rinsed out the cloth, and then soaped it up
again, and started by very carefully washing my face. After rinsing my face
he cleansed my shoulders very intently, while kissing my wet face and
running his tongue all around my nose, until he came to my lips. I opened
then slightly, and his tongue went in, and introduced itself to mine. Our
open mouths met, and we kissed deep and passionately. His hands went down
to my butt while we were kissing, and he caressed it so expertly, washing
the crack so thoroughly.Then he washed my chest and on down to my Preteen Nude
navel and then to my genitals. He
was so very gentle. He swiped up from the bottom of my testicles very hard,
but being a man himself, he knew exactly how much pressure to exert. He
started to stroke my completely hard, turgid member, slowly at first, then
very quickly, until I started to breath in great gulps, whereupon he stopped
abruptly and put his thumb over the hole until my impending orgasm subsided.
He then went down and caressed my legs and feet with the soap covered
cloth. I was in heaven. I could tell he was an expert at this, and I
didn’t mind a bit.He then pushed me into the shower stream, and ever so gently rinsed me off.
I was so relaxed, and yet was more energized than I ever felt before. I
took the cloth from him, and basically tried to duplicate what he had done.
When I had rinsed him off, I grabbed him and hugged him, holding on to his
wonderful furry butt, standing there in the cascading water. I kissed him
deeply, and pulled back, my brown eyes burning into his own baby blues. I
opened my mouth, and what came out almost surprised me. I whispered,
“Jakey, I want you in me.”"What?”"I want you inside Preteen Nude
me.”"Are you telling me you want me to fuck you?”"Please don’t refer to it that way. It makes it sound so filthy. I want it
to be beautiful. I know you know how, my sweetheart.”"Are you sure about this?”"I - no - I - yes, I am sure I want you in me.”"Sweet Little One of mine, it can hurt the first time - quite a lot.”"So I have heard. I want this for me - and for you.”"Just a minute,” he said, and he stepped out of the shower, and reached
under the sink to retrieve what looked like a bottle with a hook on the
bottom. I learned later this was a douche. He filled it, hung it on the
shower pipe, and then pulled down the tube and showed me how to use it. He
squirted soapy water into my rectum, after which I expelled what was in
there. He then washed my legs and butt again very carefully, and we got out
and dried each other off.As soon as we got out of the shower area, off the slippery floor and on to
the carpet, he picked me up like a baby and carried me over to the bed, and
gently put me down. He then lay down on top of me, and started to kiss my
face and mouth and nose and worked down to my chest and nipples. He found
tender areas that I didn’t even know were areas! Preteen Nude
I was so ticklish, yet he
never took me beyond the point where I was aroused, but not giddy. He
teased my nipples with his teeth, nipping and sucking on them with skill,
and driving me into a frenzy of delight. He kissed my stomach, again
finding places to excite me I didn’t know existed.As he was kissing my lower abdomen, his beard would ever so slightly graze
the head of my penis, and send me even deeper into shivering ecstasy. Then
he took me into his mouth, and quickly I found his nose in my pubic hair, as
he swallowed over and over, almost churning my crème to the top. Then he
pulled off, and started to lick my scrotum, taking each testicle in his
mouth in turn and bathing Preteen Nude them with his ample saliva. He nosed his way from
my scrotum to my anus.Then he started doing something which I could not figure out, but was
driving me almost insane with not only pleasure, but also a deep desire for
more. He told me later that it was called rimming. His tongue was tickling
the opening to my anus, and thrusting at it, as if trying to get in. When
it was thoroughly wet from his saliva, he wet his little finger and started
to push it in. My natural instinct was to resist, but he whispered, “try to
relax as much as you Preteen Nude can, Sweetheart. Preteen Nude This won’t hurt.”He then was able to push his little finger in, and back out. It was very,
very tight. So he pulled out the drawer in the table next to the bed, and
took out some lube, and spread it all around on his middle finger and around
my hole. He then worked his finger in, and probed for awhile, finding my
prostate. This I knew, because I had been checked for a hernia once, and
the doctor explained what he was doing. I remember being embarrassed at the
time, because it felt so good, and yet I didn’t want to admit it. When Jake
removed his finger, he put it up to his nose and moaned a little. Then he
put it up to my nose. I immediately got sick. It smelled like - shit!”I can’t do this Jakey - I just can’t! I’m so sorry!” I started to sob. “I
thought I wanted it, but I can’t!” I was crying hard.”It’s okay, Baby. The first time is often - less than - expected. I was
ready for this.”He then kissed my mouth. I could smell it on his breath, but somehow it was
not so bad second hand. Could it be possible that I would ever get to the
point that I would like this? He kissed me some Preteen Nude more, and then went
directly down the source of my manhood, and again deep throated me until I
shot deep and strong down his throat. I’ll never figure out how he was able
to spontaneously erupt, himself, as I was going off. We were both
completely exhausted and fell asleep all sticky and clinging to each other.Chapter note:I have never been able to fall asleep in anyone’s arms! It sounds and looks
so romantic when it happens in the movies! It is always so hot, when two
bodies are in direct contact, that it is impossible for me to sleep that
way.Chapter 24You have heard about being stuck on someone? I woke up the next morning, and
was literally “stuck” on my lover! I’ve never quite heard that statement
used in that way! I just lay there and looked for the longest time at his
sweet, beautiful, sleeping face. Gosh, but I loved this man! His morning
stubble looked so good to me! His smooth muscles, that wonderful, perfect
nose. Those full, voluptuous lips! It was all I could do to lay still and
not molest his totally relaxed Preteen Nude
and perfect form. Finally I tried to
“unstick” myself from him, to go take care of my morning pee woody, without
waking him up.As I was walking away, “Hi, Baby Boy!” he sleepily mumbled.”I tried not to wake you up.” I whispered.”S’okay. I love you!” he whispered back. The sun was just barely up
enough to see dimly. I went to the bathroom and relieved my bladder, then
started walking back, and passing the sink, was reminded by my toothbrush. I
quickly ran it around my mouth Preteen Nude with some toothpaste, and swallowed what was
left over. I went back and he was waiting there, eyes half open, eyeing my
naked form sleepily, but lustfully. I climbed into the bed and pulled up
the covers against the morning cold, and then wrapped my self around him as
close as I could. I tried to kiss him, but he averted his face just in
time.”UGH! Don’t! I must have the worst dragon breath! You brushed your teeth -
you suck!” I grabbed his face and forced my mouth upon it and then forced
my tongue Preteen Nude into it. Again he wrenched away. “Dude, I’m serious! My breath
has to be rotten!”It WAS pretty raunchy, and smelled all cummy and sour. But I didn’t mind.
“Sweet heart of mine, I just don’t care! I love all of you! Hey, if I want
a quickie in the morning am I going to have to wait while you “go get
ready?”"But my-rmhpft -” I again stuck my tongue down his throat, and we kissed
deep and long. I then grabbed his hand and brought it up to my nose. I
breathed deep, and sighed heavy. It still smelled of my anus, but it was -
not bad.I think I was learning to - love - every thing about him, and if that
included the smell of cummy, morning breath or even - excrement - on his
fingers, or in his anus, it was all right - for now. I laid my head on his
chest and we both fell asleep again.My dream was weird, as usual.I dreamed I was in my Jake’s arms. Well that wasn’t so weird. But his mom
was standing Preteen Nude over us, looking pleased. I saw her Mona Lisa smile fade and
it was suddenly my own mom. She looked worried. I looked at my sweetheart
and he became Aaron. Aaron was looking at something far away, and when I
returned to the figure over me, it was my dad, scowling, and he quickly
turned and walked away.I was suddenly a little boy again, and I was sleeping with Bobby. My God!
Had something happened with Bobby that I didn’t remember? He kissed me
deep, like it was Jake, and then it became Jake again, kissing the little
boy me. As I hugged him closer, I quickly grew to my full stature and age,
and he Preteen Nude was on top of me, with my legs over his shoulders, and he was -
inside me - all the way.I awoke with a start!”What’s wrong, Little One?”"Nothing.”We went back to sleep, and this time I dreamed he was making complete anal
love to me. I was enjoying it, and I guess my moans and noises woke Jake
up. Then I woke up. He was just looking at me, surprised as hell, as I was
shooting ribbons of my juice all over his stomach and chest.His face broke into a wide grin. “Some dream, huh, Bud? Was I there?”"Oh, yeah, you were there alright!”We both got up this time, and headed for the shower, where we enjoyed
bathing each other, whereupon I washed his manhood extra vigorously, and it
erupted and hit the ceiling! I guess I had already blown most of mine,
because although he was able to coax a little from me, it just drizzled out.
Then he bent down and sucked and wrung out as much more as he could with
his mouth, and gave it back to me in a luscious kiss.”Damn, Jakey,” I said, “I think I’m getting addicted to cum!”"I KNOW I’m addicted to yours, Baby Boy!”Chapter 25Two weeks later, everyone but me was sitting at the breakfast table. I was
fixing my favorite breakfast, huevos rancheros, being translated from
Spanish, “Ranch eggs”. I prefer them over easy, but for a group this large
it was best to scramble them.I first grated 2 bricks of cheese, one sharp cheddar, the other jack cheese,
into a bowl.Then I emptied 2 large cans of Rosarita refried beans into a fry pan, and
put some cubed jack cheese in them. I put it on medium heat and covered
them, stirring occasionally to blend the melted cheese and the beans.Then I broke a dozen eggs (two per person) into a bowl and beat them enough
to break all the yolks, but not completely homogenize them. I salted and
peppered them the way I like them and poured them into a large fry pan, over
medium heat. Just before they were dry, I turned the heat to high and
poured a cup of milk over them. I stirred, and the milk went to the bottom,
and then bubbled up in and through the eggs, to make a wonderful light
mixture. I set these under a heater.Then I grabbed six tortillas, and threw them on the large olive oiled
griddle that was built-in to their range. While they were browning on one
side, I poured some salsa in a bowl and warmed it up in the microwave. I
turned the tortillas, and fried the other sides, Preteen Nude and when they were brown
enough, I turned them onto six plates. I added some beans to each tortilla,
as well as some eggs, then poured a generous amount of salsa (it was mild!)
and garnished it with plenty of the two grated cheeses. (This is not, I
repeat NOT, a low calorie dish!)”Betta watch you-sef, boy! Etta goina get you in da kitchen alla time!” I
guess this was Ettas way of Preteen Nude approving.When breakfast was over, Jake and I insisted on doing the dishes. “You
goina spoil Etta, you not kefful. Fust Jakey tell me I don’ needa wash you
linen an’ now dis!” All the family smiled at that remark - except me, and I
turned bright red. They all KNEW why we wanted to wash our own sheets, and
were happy over it. I couldn’t say I didn’t feel loved! I wished I could
guarantee my parents would love Jake as fully. I felt pretty sure I could
guarantee the opposite. This was an interesting combination. My family was
slightly more than poor, straight-laced and Republican. Jake’s was very
rich, anything but straight laced, and Democrat, even though Mr. Smith’s
namesake may never give them a child to carry on the name.But they were both honest, and both were committed to their beliefs.”Colin, Baby Boy, are you going to mention anything to your parents about
us?”"You think they haven’t guessed?”"Yeah, but I think it would be best to get it out in the open, don’t you?”"Really, I don’t. As long as we stay here, they can at least pretend that I
am just rooming at your house. They are comfortable with that.”"Well I say, fuck comfortable!”"I know you do, Jakey. This is one of those areas we will just have to
disagree to disagree.”"Like the car, huh?”"I think this is a little deeper than the issue of the car. That was
something which I THINK I was able to make you see, even if you were not
happy about it. I don’t think you can understand this.”"You’re right about that!”"Speaking of the car, why did you drop the idea of getting another one?”"Heh! Well, I guess the thought of losing the Z-3 altogether was not very
appealing. As long as we were a couple, we would have both.”"I wondered if that was it. Well, you know my position on that. What I am
thinking now is, maybe I will get a job before summer, and since I don’t
have many expenses here, maybe I could swing the car payment and the
insurance.”"I think you better talk to your parents about that, Sweetheart. They may
still think that if you are making money, and they are still supporting your
education, they still have a hold on the way you spend your money.”"Run that by me again? Never mind! I got it! Boy you can sure talk your
way around a subject! You should think seriously about becoming an
attorney!”"No way! I’m too close to my CPA”"I know, but you still have state boards and all. If you talk your way in
and out every idea like that -”"Yeah, yeah! By the time you are graduating, I could be long past my LSAT,
and in practice. You just worry about your own education. By the way, when
I do get a job, what do you think about getting a place with me?”"Getting a place? Hell, I was looking forward to when you moved out and I
have the bedroom to myself!”This remark brought out Jake’s lower lip so far, I couldn’t resist leaning
over and sucking on it.>From the other room, “Hey, none of that while you’re doing the dishes!
You’ll contaminate the dishes!”With that Jake pulled me up into a close hug and kissed me deep and long.>From the other room, “Oh good grief, Preteen Nude
we better go somewhere else! This is
getting close to “R” rated!”I was beyond red. I think I was turning green!”Hey, Baby Boy, let’s finish up here quickly and go for a ride, K?”It was early spring, and everything was starting to get ready to pop out. A
ride sounded nice. It was a still a little cool for the top down, so it was
a little cramped in the Z-3. As soon as we got going, I fell asleep. I
woke up as we bumped over a curb. I shook awake, and looked up to see my
parents driveway!”What are we doing here?”"You’re going to ask your parents their take on you buying this car.”"Oh! You sure are impulsive when you decide something!”"Hey, it was your idea!”
“Mom, Where’s dad?”"He’s up at Johnny’s for a visit. What brings you home so abruptly?”"I kidnapped him and brought him here.” Jake said.”That’s not far from the truth, Mom. I didn’t know we were even coming
until we drove in the driveway. I was asleep. I think he drugged me!”"You drugged yourself with those huevos rancheros!”"Oh did he fix them for you? You must be special! He usually only does
that for family.”"Speaking of family, Colin has something he wants to ask you.”"Oh?”"I was hoping Dad would be here. I want to buy Jake’s car. I was wondering
how you felt about that. I didn’t want to do anything to seem like I was
taking you for granted.”"We were wondering how long that old Sentra would hold out.” My mom said.
“How would you be paying for it?”"I could get a job close to school, part time until schools out. Then go
full time, or maybe get another job during the summer.”"Are you confident you can keep your grades up? This could be a pretty
long-term thing. That’s a pretty expensive car isn’t it, Jake?”"It’s seen a few miles, but -”I don’t have too many expenses living with the Smiths. I plan to pay it
off before school starts in the fall.”"Oh!” she was surprised, I guess. Well, I think I can speak for your
father. I would say its okay. And if he doesn’t agree, I will make him
agree! But he won’t be bothered by it. As I said, we already have
discussed it. Do you boys want to stay for some lunch?”"Sure,” Jake offered. “I think those huevos are almost settled by now.”"Colin?” Mom continued, “Was there anything else you wanted to tell us?”
she looked from me to Jake and back to me. Panicked, I quickly looked at
her, then at Jake, then at the floor. I didn’t want to assume the obvious.”What do you mean?”"Colin, I’m talking about you and Jake.”"Oh.” Jake’s huevos may have settled well, but now I felt like my own were
coming up through my throat! I looked up at Jake, hoping maybe he would
save me. He remained silent. So did Mom. “Uh - well - uh - Yeah. Jake
and me? We’re - sort of a couple, Mom.” I couldn’t look her in the eyes.”Colin, look at me, please.” I forced my eyes up to hers. “Honey, you are
one of the most important people in my life. Your happiness means
everything to me. If you think you can be truly happy, I can’t stand in the
way of that. I have no right to anyway. I suppose we could refuse to
finish paying for your college, but we would not do that. We love you!”"What about Dad?”"I’m glad you told me first, honey. Your father and I have actually talked
about this possibility. He is accepting it slowly. I think it better that
I tell him, in my own way.”"K.”"So now,” she said, “I think I will renege on my invitation to feed you.
Your dad may be home soon, and I think maybe you would be better gone than
here.”"It will be that bad, huh, Mrs. Thompson?”"Not that bad, but he would prefer to - not have - you - here, Jake, when he
first considers this as a sure thing. He is expecting it, I think, but it
still will be quite a blow.”"I understand.” Jake said”WE understand. Thanks Mom. I love you. Please give my love to Dad as
well, K?”"Okay, Honey. Bye.”"Bye!” We both rejoined.Chapter 26
“Dear Colin,I am writing this with Preteen Nude sadness in my heart, and tears in my eyes. I love
you so much. I did my best to cushion the news about you and Jake to your
father. He really went off the deep end. I encouraged him to write to you
himself, to maybe see how unreasonable he was being. He says that as far as
he’s concerned, you are no son of his. He forbids me to see you, as well.
Well, you know that is not going to happen. He is being so Neanderthal. He
has retreated back into his cave and refuses to discuss anything with me for
the moment. He blames me for “mothering” you too much.”Colin, please don’t do like your dad, and retreat into a cave of your own.
This is devastating to me, but I still love your father. In truth I think
he is blaming himself, but cannot make sense of it. How like a man! Do you
ALL think that if you can’t “fix” something, that you are to blame? I can’t
imagine how this makes you feel, Honey. I don’t know what went wrong. I am
not even sure there IS a wrong - or right! I know that men - and women -
but especially men - like you have an uphill battle in this society, and
this seems so unfair. Did you choose to be what you are? I have been
reading everything I can get my hands on, about whether or not some are
“born that way”, “Nature or nurture” and all. Does it even matter? The
reality is that some ARE that way, and what can be done about it? I wish I
had some answers for you. For once, as a woman and a mother, I want so bad
to fix this for you. But I can’t. And so I understand a little of what
your dad must be going through.”Colin, a week ago, your dad would have walked on coals for you. I believe
he still would, if it came to that. But he needs time. I hope he is not
looking for understanding. I’m not sure understanding is possible. All I
know is I love you both. I want to honor my husband, but when it comes to
my son, I must stand firm.Please call me, Honey. I love you so Preteen Nude
“Sweetheart,” said Jake, “what’s wrong?” I handed him the letter. He read
it, interspersed with “Oh my God!” and “you gotta be kidding” and “shit!”
He too had tears in his eyes by the time he finished reading. He came over
to me and surrounded me with his body. “I can’t imagine how you must feel.
I have such love and acceptance from my whole family, and -”"Jakey, I - I - don’t even know how I should feel. I feel like I have been
smashed in the face, punched in the stomach and kicked in the balls all at
once. I - just - Omigod! I just feel like shit! I don’t feel like living
-”"SHhhh. You know that I love you. And Mom and Dad and Carrie, and even
Etta -”"Jakey, I know that, and believe me that’s the only thing that keeps me from
jumping out that window right now -”"That would be stupid, Sweetie. You would only break your legs, and then I
would have to break your arms for making me have to care for you!”I smiled at him through my tears. He said, “My sweet Little One, is there
anything I can do for you right now, besides hold you?”"I don’t think so. I don’t - don’t know.” I was feeling so hurt, but at
the same time, numb. I guess I somehow recognized this, or something.
“Maybe there is something -”"What is it, Baby Boy. Anything - ANY THING!”"Jakey, I - (huge sigh!)”"What, Sweetie?”"I - uh - I want to - uh - try it again.”"Huh?”"I want you - in me.”"Colin, I’m just not sure this is the time -”"I FEEL NUMB, Jakey!” I was crying - almost out of control. “I want to
FEEL something - SOMETHING, Jake! I WANT it!”I’ll be gentle.”And he was. He went over and locked the door. It was the middle of the day
and no one was home but us, but - He removed my clothing - all of it, and
laid me down on the bed. Then he removed his own clothes. He went straight
to the “task”. He got into the drawer beside the bed, and took a generous
amount of lube, and spread it all around my sphincter muscle. Then he lubed
up his own middle finger, and gently inserted it. He quickly found my
prostate and began gently massaging it.I started out tense. Preteen Nude When his finger went up my butt, I froze tight, and
must have crushed his finger, I squeezed so hard. He just gently wiggled it
until I loosened up. I Preteen Nude
was very determined this time.”Please, Jakey, I don’t want to smell it this time.” Since we hadn’t taken
the time and trouble to douche first, I was concerned.”I’ll do my best”, he said.When I was reasonably relaxed, he added his index finger to the mix, and
gently kept thrusting slowly in and out. Then the other two fingers,
spreading them as he went. I could smell a mixture of Jake’s body and my
own excrement, but I didn’t mind - didn’t mind at all. He could no longer
reach my prostate, with all his fingers in there, but he just kept massaging
my sphincter muscle, making it softer and softer. In the mean time his lips
were softly massaging my own, and our tongues were making love in their own
way. Somehow, without me even realizing it, the head of his penis was
inside me. He stopped momentarily, looking deeply into my eyes for pain or
fear. There was none. I had complete trust.”Sweetheart, I’m not wearing a condom. Is that okay with you?”I nodded, then whispered, “Yeah, go for it.” I had complete trust. I
shuddered a little, as he went deeper. He Preteen Nude just kept reinserting, carefully
checking my reaction in my eyes, more and deeper until I felt the soft skin
of his scrotum rubbing my bum.”Faster,” I said. All the while he was also making love to me with his
eyes, reassuring me of his love and adoration for me. I hope I was giving
it back. He assures me that I was. Preteen Nude I absolutely trusted and loved him.
There was no fear, no revulsion.He picked up speed, and changed position slightly, so his glans would come
in direct contact with my prostate. His bent-the-wrong-way Mr. Bently
really came in handy for this task!”Harder - Faster!” I croaked out, breathing in large gulps by now.He started to pound into me with a fury that I didn’t know he had, each time
pushing past my prostate with agility that only came with experience. I was
almost ready Preteen Nude to explode when he screamed out, “AHHHhhhh, I’m - AHHhhh -
ahhhh - ahhhh - O God! Sweetie - this - is - so -”"I know! I kn -” and then both our voices went into a high pitched
guttural scream that sounded like Preteen Nude it came from some animals instead of the
two of us, as we simultaneously came and came and came. Luckily there was
nobody home. Even his sound proof walls couldn’t have contained the sounds
we were making! He finally collapsed on top Preteen Nude of me, both of us completely
spent, physically and emotionally.After a couple minutes, he rolled off to my side, and his fingers slid
gently down my back. It was midday, so it was quite warm, but that made me
chill and shiver. I grabbed his “working” hand and brought it up to my
nose, and breathed deep. “Not too bad!” and Preteen Nude I giggled a little. He hugged
me again, and then, eyes wide open and drilling into my own, we kissed for
the longest time.I giggled again. “So, have you done this before?” I gave him a cutesy
smile.He was completely serious as he replied, “Yeah, but it never, NEVER was EVER
anything like that! I love you so - SOOO DAMNED much, Little one!”"Hey, I’m not so little! I protested. We’re exactly the same size!”"You know what I mean, Peckerhead!”"HEY!”"What?!”I almost whispered, “Jakey, I just want you to know, I have never loved
anyone like this before, and I don’t ever expect to again. You - you -
complete me. With you, I can face anything!” Tears had re-entered my eyes.
Tears of completion. Tears of joy!
“WE can face anything, Sweetie, WE!” Jake said.Note: I think I am getting to like this! Colin and Jake are so much hotter
than I ever could be in real life! I have a very hard time fantasizing, but
I really do feel it deeply as I write and especially as I proof read it! As
always, comments are welcome and encouraged:s4dhotmail.com Please write Colin” or “Colin’s Story” in the subject line.
thanks! Love to you all! Steve
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